Creating this Collection

As an Oscar, BAFTA, SAG, and Tony award winner - dance is in Catherine’s roots.  As a modern, active, woman - versatility and style is in her daily life.  When creating an activewear line, Catherine wanted to reflect both of these aspects so she paired up with a leading American dancewear company BodyWrappers® to create designs that were inspired by the energy and elegance of dance and match them to the needs of today’s modern woman.  What came out of the pairing are fresh new takes on common go-to essentials, and unique designs that are useful, luxurious and tantalizing. 
"For me, creating is more than just a pastime. Everything I have designed has truly been a passion project of mine. I have loved every moment of creating, transforming and watching my vision come to life. 
I am simply thrilled to welcome you into my world and take you on this journey with me. More than anything, I hope you love this collection as much as I do and that it inspires you to bring your own vision and ream to life."
Catherine Zeta-Jones